I come from the Faroe Islands. The Faroese nature is an ongoing theme in my works. My upbringing on the Faroe Islands has left deep marks and given me something that I find difficult to explain in words. The nature, the light, the weather, the silence, the storms, the mountains, the sea, the clouds - everything is so different.

The climate on the Faroe Islands is hard and the weather is very changeable, which is clearly reflected in my works. I love the Faroese autumn with the drizzle, fog and the mountains that adorn the colors of autumn. There is also some fear indulging in the winter´s weather and storms, where the sky and the sea sometimes stand in one. The spring's fleeting and poetic colors, where it all begins again, and the summer's bright nights is also something very special.

There are both abstract and recognizable elements in my paintings that create some kind of recognition with reference to the nature. The motifs float somewhere between the abstract and the recognizable, where landscapes, small villages, mountains, rocks, sea, water, clouds, horizon glimpse - disappear, melt together and can be seen again. It is the drama between the abstract and the recognizable that occupies me.

My artistic practice includes painting, graphics, drawing and sculpture. It is not a production form where I make "nice" works. To me, it is about translating and expressing my ideas. The satisfaction comes when I see the results of my efforts accomplished in a work. I hope my works awake people's curiosity and imagination, and that the works opens up a space that leaves an option of interpretation.

Over the years I have participated in numerous exhibitions in Cultural Centers, Art Museums, Art Fairs and Galleries in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Bulgaria and Spain.