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”… abstract, expressionistic depictions of the landscapes character.”

” Faroese artist Birgit Kirke, now living in Denmark, drank in the islands’ distinctive landscape with her mother’s milk. This landscape forms a constant rich source of inspiration which characterises her paintings above all else.”

” Strong, dynamic black lines often form the backbone of her compositions, spreading out like a steel skeleton across the picture surface, holding it together, making it emanate concentrated energy while suddenly breaking free into violent bursts like a flood of lava, or a torrent breaking through its banks.

As a complement to the dynamic black markings, Birgit Kirke’s paintings almost always include plain white areas of varying sizes, sometimes appearing like an atmospheric background colour, but at other times right up front as sudden shafts of light. Finally, as a counterweight to the black/white dominance, Birgit Kirke allows clear pure nuances of yellow, green, blue, red and orange to shine through, their sparkle so much more penetrating on the background of an otherwise restrained palette. If this had been a piece of music, it could be compared with the lyric, light and sometimes almost humorous passages in Beethoven’s great epic and dramatic symphonies.

Seen from a Faroese perspective, it is the violent forces of the landscape itself which Birgit Kirke depicts in her paintings…”

Tom Jørgensen, Art critic at Jyllands Posten, Editor of the art magazine Kunstavisen. (Extract of text from the book "101 artists 2015", publisher JA)

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” Sentient - Noisy – Silence”

”… The Faroese artist Birgit Kirke uses a highly abstract imagery, where the gentle and harsh nature is an eternal source of inspiration to her..”

” She manages to create a very special atmosphere where refraction of both light and dark formations, diffuse visual impressions and cascades of light, are being sent to us. She controls the colors with great conviction…”

” There is a unique interaction between Birgit Kirke and her motifs. You sense a real desire and emotion in her - one being in the form of tradition and culture where the heart is embedded and shows great longing and love for the Faroe Islands. She builds her motifs up piece by piece and by working with the painting she achieves a high degree of sensory perception and texture in her paintings. Her images are not a finished story, but a continuation. Like a limitless extent in a dynamic flow.

Birgit Kirke is present and has a great desire to translate her memories to imagery, giving us a chance to feel like a part of her experiences and we are charmed and fascinated by the fire inside her..” 

© By Kirsten -Marie Hedeland , Art Critic of the Danish magazine “Kunstavisen” and TV host on the program “Kunst for Tiden”. September 2016 (Extract of text from art review)

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” What the legend tells …”

” Birgit Kirkes lush woman sculptures have a sense of humor over their shape and pose. But behind the immediate humorous exterior lies a far more serious story hidden …”

”... Her sculptures emphasize the beautiful seal of the seal wind and also compliment her beautiful expressive paintings. The two terms are really well in line with each other. With the sculptures, Birgit Kirke shows another field in which she appears consciously and confidently.”

© By Kirsten -Marie Hedeland , Art Critic of the Danish magazine “Kunstavisen” and TV host on the program “Kunst for Tiden”. September 2016 (Extract of text from art review)